Vougar Aslanov is a Frankfurt writer. He is the author of numerous works and books.

Aslanov’s literary publications in German:

1. In the cotton fields. Audiobook. Bavarian Radio, BR 2 Culture. Munich 2004.

2. In the cotton fields. Collection of short stories, published by Wostok publishing house. Berlin 2007.

3. Alexander with the squirrel. Narrative. Literary magazine Driesch 7/10/2011, Driesch Verlag (Austria).

4. Wandering through the war. Narrative. Literary magazine Driesch 9/4/2012, Driesch Verlag (Austria).

5. The Late Column. A novel about the Soviet-Afghan War and nasty harassment within the army. Published by Wostok publishing house, Berlin 2012.

6. The fortieth room. Narrative. Literary magazine Driesch 13/4/2013, Driesch Verlag (Austria).

7. A long way. The Fate of the Afghan Ermani Family. Narrative. The literary magazine Matrix 2/2014, Pop-Verlag, Ludwigsburg 2014.

8. The Snake King, Grössenwahn Fairy Tale Book 2, Ed. Edit Engelmann, Frankfurt 2014.

9. Alexander with the squirrel. Invitation to Greek politics. Megalomania anthology, Ed. Edit Engelmann, Frankfurt 2015.

10. The Maiden Tower. Tale Book. Edited by Edit Engelmann, Grössenwahn Verlag, Frankfurt 2016.

11. Äsli and Karem. A Lovestory. Ed. Edit Engelmann, Crete Anthology 2017.

12. There was no other way. The history of the Ulyanov family. historical narrative. Literary magazine Matrix, No. 3/2017. Ludwigsburg 2017.

13. The shah. Historical narrative. Literary journal Bawulon, No. 34/2019. Ludwigsburg 2019..

14. Russian law. Historical novel. Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt/Celovec 2021.


1. Hessian film funding for the screenplay Diana’s Operator (Vougar Aslanov has invited the Frankfurt film scientist Dr. Felix Lenz, who had previously worked on this project as dramaturg, as the second author to expand his already finished screenplay Diana’s Operator), March 2011.

2. Mini work grant from the Literature Society of Hesse, April 2016.

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